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Enviva is the world’s largest producer of wood pellets, owning and operating plants in the southeast United States, producing nearly three million metric tons of wood pellets per year.

The pellets are primarily exported to power plants in Europe that were previously fuelled by coal.


Enviva is working together with Earthworm to establish policies and procedures that will ensure that Enviva’s presence in US Southeast forest products industry and global wood pellet industry contributes to overall better ecological outcomes and thriving forest economies.

Key Milestones

Jan 2017

Launched Track and Trace, a public website for transparent sourcing

Jun 2018

Incorporated feedback from the concluding Bottomland Hardwood Taskforce meeting on the company’s BLHW sourcing and broader HCV policy and practices

Nov 2018

Began a satellite monitoring pilot in two US Southeast counties

Our work

Earthworm and Enviva are working together to design and implement Enviva’s strengthened and expanded responsible sourcing policy, which addresses protection of high conservation values (HCVs), loss of forest type diversity, and conversion of forest land to non-forest use. Through implementation of Enviva’s policy criteria, the company aims to positively impact the health and longevity of forests in the US Southeast and the biodiversity and ecosystem services present within them.

NGOs and other stakeholders can be critical of wood pellets as a sustainable alternative energy source. Enviva is working to educate stakeholders and to demonstrate that it can have a positive impact on forests in its sourcing region, and therefore that wood pellets represent a climate-smart energy choice. Enviva is taking steps to ensure that HCVs are protected on individual tracts it sources from and is collaboratively working with the conservation community and other stakeholders to address landscape-scale issues and opportunities.

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News & Stories

Jun 4, 2019

Enviva revises policy to establish a better framework for transparency

Feb 14, 2017

Enviva becomes a TFT member